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Alessandro Iovino is an Italian photographer born in Parma. He started is photography career in June 2013 after gaining the Diploma in Studio Photography at Speos photography school in London. Starting a photography career was a big change in his life, before attending the photography master in London, Alessandro gained a degree in Economy and Marketing at the University of Parma. From 2009 to 2012, he travelled a great part of the western hemisphere and after that he decided that traveling would have been an essential part of his life.

“ I strongly believe that photography and images are strictly connected with our memory and our memory is one of the main sources of emotions, those create what we are as human being.”

Photography has intrinsic two contradictory peculiarities, to be objective but with a unique point of view.

“ I want to tell stories and take pictures of any kind, no matter what the topic or the subject is, but I want my photography to be a reflect of my obsessions and who I am in that moment of my life. It is a very personal way to communicate that can be useful as well to reach an higher audience with important matters of our history”

In 2014, he discovered CESURA, the Italian collective and independent agency born from the will and the perseverance of 5 people who strongly believed in photography and in what their master, the Magnum photographer Alex Majoli handed down to them.

“Photography is an understanding process oriented to your person, it’s a communication tool, it’s a very truthful mirror that reflect what you feel without masks and lies. Photography it’s a serious thing.”

Alessandro works with national and international titles, including: New York Times, Le Monde, Huffington Post, The Guardian, Internazionale, La Stampa and many others.

Alessandro is now based in Italy working on different on-going projects in his territory and abroad.


“I travel to not become blind”
J. Koudelka