Le Balai Citoyen

Burkina Faso | 2014

Le Balay Citoyen is a new revolutionary grassroots movement born in Burkina Faso, which was part of the opposition against the president Blaise Compaorè. It was co-founded by two musicians, Serge Bambara (in art Smockey), who is also the spokesman, and Sams'K Le Jah. The movement was born thanks to the Sankarist political tradition, appealing to the legacy an ideals of Captain Thomas Sankara, a radical left-wing revolutionary who ruled the country from 1983 until his death in 1987, killed during a coup orchestrated by his successor Compaorè. When the October 2014, Burkinabè uprising broke out the group became a prominent part of the protests, its activists gaining note due to their presence on the streets. President Compaorè was forced to resign and flee the country on 31 October, after 27 years of rule, Many commentators have compared the demonstration with the Arab Spring, the wave of revolutionary protests and clashes that began in Tunisia in December 2010. But unlike in Tunisia, the revolutionaries of Burkina Faso have an unusual symbol: a broom.


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