UKRAINE | 2016

Life in Donbass is a photography report on how people from Donbass live for almost three years now, in a conflict situation that look unclear and endless. The Donetsk region is one of the most targeted by the war between Russia and Ukraine in these nearly three years. I have been travelling through cities, towns and villages, those that have been scenario of this cruel and interminable conflict. I first went to Kramatorsk become one of the main economy centre after that Donetsk has passed under the Russian control, then I went to Toretsk and nearby districts. I moved then to Kostantinivka and Semenivka a small village close to Slovyansk where a very intense fight took place in 2014. The economy of this small village stood on agriculture and on one of the most important psychiatric hospital in the whole region. I travelled with the ICRC to Severnoe, Vodyane and Tonenkoe,  to see the reality of small villages where help struggle to arrive for different reasons as it might be the road conditions, the distances or the “dimension inconsistency”  of the places, as they call it.


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