The Arctic Prison

Norway | 2016

In the small and very northern Norwegian village of Neiden, there are no cafès, stores or gas stations. The closest supermarket is 28 miles away, and all you can see during winter are vast stretches of snow – covered tundra. Yet since the fall of 2015, the population of Neiden has increased by more than a third, and the Neiden Hotel which usually sits empty and unused during the winter months, is buzzing with life. The Arctic prison, aim to show how 96 refugees from middle East are living in a village of 100 inhabitants in a hotel sitting on a small a river, which is one of just a few buildings visible upon entering the village: blue, grey, dull, buried in snow. Winter in Finnmark reach 35/40 degrees below zero, and the hardest part for refugees is boredom and isolation. They are manly coming from Syria and Afghanistan through what is today called the Polar Route, a long trip of over 5000 km that lead them from Middle east to the border city of Nikel in Russia to enter the European doors from Norway.


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