The Finnmarkslopet race

Norway | 2016

The horizon line in Finnmark, Norway, is invisible when it snows. A pale grey haze extends in all directions, obscuring the difference between land and sky. Those who choose to traverse this void cannot predict how long it will be until they eat or sleep once they set off on the trail. Many fail to complete the journey. Yet every year at the beginning of March, approximately 50 people come from all over Europe to test their limits against this Arctic landscape, their only company a team of highly-trained racing dogs.  The event is the Finnmarkslopet dog sled race, which is held in the part of Norway that lies inside the Arctic Circle. The 650 mile (1,050 km) race, is the longest dog sledding race in Europe. Only the 1000 mile (1,609 km) Iditarod in Alaska is longer.


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